ESM-GROUP seeks everyone interested in sports-education development for partnership on our various portfolios. Our 5-year development plan accommodates partners who share our vision and collaborative prospects spanning through government of African countries, International organisations and bodies interested in sports and education, sports institutions, multi-national companies and sports merchants.


The purpose of ESM-GROUP sporting business model is to provide unwavering sports and educational facilities and platforms for development. Our specific strategy is to partner adequately with all stakeholders in the sports and education sector, people and institutions that are interested in the promotion of sports and education, and as well establish a unique multi-dimensional academy for actualisation of the core vision of the company.


Beyond football academy is the need to develop all sporting activities and promote their business prospects to become industrialized enterprise and ventures. Elite Sports Management which though started as soccer development organisation views that exceptional focus on soccer will underscore general talent developments amongst the youth, hence the need to ensure all-round development in sports for growth of the African sporting industry.